Capital Improvement Projects

Total Capital Improvements Since 2013 to the Bear Creek Sports Park

We would like to do more but, we need more DONATIONS

In 2021 

In 2020 we replaced the old bleachers with new  aluminum ones either through donations and sold old bleachers to purchase some more new aluminum ones.  Do to the COVID – 19 scare not much else was done since not sure how the season was going to go at that time.  Bear Creek would like to thank all the people that helped with the park having a very good season even with the pandemic scare.  Hopefully, the park can continue to grow at a good pace since we survived the pandemic scare.  The park is also looking at trying to help improve the parking if at all possible.

In 2019 we will be adding the 3rd batting cage (didn’t get done)  and making concrete paths around the ball park.  It will be a lot easier for the elderly and handicapped to move around the park this year.  Tearing down the old concession stand and moving the electrical from there to a central location.  We are trying to get donations to purchase new bleachers that will be easier to move.  We have started receiving donations for the purchase of some new bleachers.

In 2018 we are working on adding 2 new batting cages and laying of more concrete if we can get some donations to help with the purchasing of cement.  Added a pad under a set of bleachers on Field #4.  Purchased a new 2018 Yanmar Tractor to replace old John Deere.

In 2017 there wasn’t much done on the Park do to a lack of money.  However, we did lay some sidewalk from concession stand to Maintenance Building.  We got all the lights working on all of the fields.  There was a PA system installed at the Park.

In 2016 we will be continuing with the new concession stand and working on getting the lights working on Field # 4.  These two things should be completed by the being of ball season.  We will try to  have the netting in place for spectators protection along the base lines on Fields #1 & #2.

 We have started with more improvements at the park for the 2015 season.  We have added some concrete under one set of bleachers, redid floor of one dugout, concrete pad behind Field # 3 backstop & small pad by both dugouts on Field #3.  Also, we have laid some conduit so that we can run some wiring to Field # 4 lights.  The backstops on Fields 1, 2 & 3 have been repaired.  We have put roofs on the dugouts on Field # 4.  We have started moving the fence back on field #4.  On March 26, 2015 we purchased a new eXmark zero turn mower.  A bleacher at Field #3 is now sitting on a concrete pad.  As of April 18, the site for the new concession stand is starting to take shape. You will see the progress the next time you come out to the Park.  Netting was purchased to catch balls from bleachers on 3rd base side of field #1 and 1st base side of field #2.   Wire has been pulled so that we can get the lights working on field #4.  We have started work on a new concession stand.  It should be ready for the 2016 season.

The capital improvement for 2014 at the park is the remodeling of the restrooms.  Come out and see the improvements that are going on at the Park.

The capital improvements for 2013 at Bear Creek Sports Park were the addition of 3 electronic scoreboards (wireless), outfield fencing for field #3, rock on the parking lot, netting was installed over the bleachers between fields 1 & 2 & the enclosing of the dugouts on field #4.  The slide show has pictures of the scoreboards & the field #4 dugouts.

If, you have any suggestions that you would like to see done at the park feel free to contact any Board Member to let them know or email